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You have worked hard in undergraduate school, taken the LSAT, and been admitted to law school. Or, perhaps you have been out of the university environment for a while and you decided to enter law school as a way to advance your career, or even change careers. Regardless of how you got here, you are about to begin an exciting educational journey. But the journey is as competitive as it is fulfilling.

Inevitably, you will be inundated with information from numerous sources some reliable –others not so much – about law school preparation materials like supplements, outlines, note-taking techniques, and books and materials on law school exam taking. You may even come across other prep courses that offer lectures on topics you will cover in your first year of law school. But, gaining information about the law generally, or law school specifically, is not going to help you. What will help you get a leg up in law school and make the most of your law school experience is learning what to do with all the information you receive and to start building an arsenal of skills that others have not  even thought about addressing.

Build the Skills That Bring Success

Law School Advantage (LSA) is an intensive week-long summer law school prep program that focuses on building the skills most important to law school success and, in particular, those skills with which many students struggle when they transition to law school. The founders of LSA created a curriculum (see our T.R.I.A.L.S. curriculum page) specifically designed to enhance the skills that are most likely to give you every advantage when beginning law school. This course includes the basics of legal analysis and how to clearly write your analysis in the form expected in the legal profession, how to prepare properly for class by learning to examine cases critically and synthesize rules from those cases, how to prepare for and take law school exams, and much more.

The personalized contact and feedback you will receive in this course is the Law School Advantage difference. The creators of LSA are experienced professors who specialize in pedagogy and recognize that feedback and small class size can make a critical difference in academic achievement. Instead of being a number in a large lecture hall, you will be an LSA student in a small class. You will be part of an interactive experience that includes small assignments and constructive feedback that will allow you to enter law school with greater confidence in your strengths and a plan for how to continue your academic growth as a 1L and throughout your law school career.

"I cannot more highly recommend an educator to a person looking to prepare for entry to law school than I do Professor Scott Sigman."

"Being instructed by Professor Kamina Pinder is an invaluable experience that will last throughout your legal career."

Your Summer Prep Program Awaits - Apply Now

If you are looking for ways to get a competitive edge, to get the most out of the law school experience, or to just unlock some of the secrets of the type of learning you will be doing in law school—then you have come to the right place.

Law School Advantage is currently located in Atlanta Georgia, but we have plans to expand throughout the Southeastern region. Although our course is offered only in Atlanta currently, LSA’s enrollment is not limited to students entering Georgia law schools. Nor is this course targeted to only address the needs of students who attend law schools of a certain tier. We recognize that students begin law school with differing abilities and levels of preparedness. The LSA program diagnoses your strengths and weaknesses and provides you with individualized strategies to maximize your academic performance.

And, if you can’t make it to Atlanta and you’d like to have the opportunity to attend an LSA course in your area, let us know! We may well be able to bring this program to your area sooner than expected.  Apply today.



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